About Us

Starlight Media is a boutique video production company based in Brisbane, Queensland. We believe that, more and more, videography is becoming the way to reach existing and potential customers; to get them excited about your business, its messages and products; and to establish your business firmly in the marketplace.


We believe this because video production has the advantage of combining visuals and audio, creating a real-life experience. Watching a video is much easier than reading; visuals tend to stick in the mind better than the written word; and videos often include music, which helps to enhance the mood and impact. So videos really do engage viewers, enabling you to better connect with your audience.


Because we’re a boutique operation, we will always work with you, our client, on a one-to-one basis. You won’t be dealing with a different producer or freelancer each time you contact us. Our objective is to work personally and collaboratively with each of our clients to produce premium quality, cutting-edge marketing solutions.


Another benefit of being a small operator is that we don’t have large overheads and can therefore provide highly cost-effective solutions for our clients.


We work with individuals, agencies, small businesses and larger corporations to identify their specific requirements in order to deliver a suite of attractive, premium quality video production and photographic services that can be used across the full range of digital media delivery options.