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The Most Effective Way to Market Your Kitchen Renovation Services

The Most Effective Way to Market Your Kitchen Renovation Services

Whether you’re a cabinet maker, an interior designer, a kitchen refurbisher, or another professional in the business of kitchen renovations, it can be difficult to know how to get the best “bang” for your marketing “buck”.

Sure, you need a good website and social media presence. You may also choose to invest in printed marketing materials such as brochures.

All of that’s a given.

But how can you make sure your website, social media, and print marketing stand out from the competition?

Actually, the answer is deceptively simple, yet extremely powerful: professionally-shot before and after kitchen renovation photos.

Why before & after photos?

Nothing – we repeat, NOTHING – shows the transformative and lifechanging results of a kitchen renovation more powerfully than before and after photos. They communicate so much more than words ever could.

That’s why the “before and after” segments on television shows such as The Block and Better Homes and Gardensare so highly anticipated.

Before and after kitchen photos powerfully showcase your business’s capabilities to potential clients who are considering a kitchen renovation.

They also give your potential clients something to work with when they’re trying to describe what they’re looking for from their own kitchen renovation. Sure, they might not know the technical words for different features, but they can point out things they like in a photograph.

Most importantly, before and after kitchen renovation photos help your potential clients clearly envisage what you can do for them and their kitchen. If they can easily picture what you’ve achieved for other people, they’re all the more likely to ask you to transform their kitchen, too.

Why professional before & after photos?

With iPhone and Android phone cameras becoming more and more advanced, it can be tempting to try and take care of your business’s visual marketing yourself, including your before and after kitchen renovation photos.

But effective visual storytelling isn’t just about pointing and shooting a camera.

A professional photographer who specialises in photographing built environments can add enormous value to your before and after kitchen renovation photos.

Not only will they get important elements like lighting, angles, and framing just right, they’ll also match the before & after photos EXACTLY so that you can see the real change from each angle. A professional photographer will also know which details in the kitchen should receive special documentation, so you can truly showcase fixtures and fittings, appliances, materials, cabinetry, and other features. They’ll also ensure the transformation is documented in appropriate detail, so people can actually tell just how much has changed.

Most importantly, a professional photographer will take kitchen renovation photos that look just as professional as the finished product itself, so people can see the true value of what you do.

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