Video Production Pricing

Video Production Pricing can vary greatly depending on the type of video content you’re looking to produce. At Starlight Media, our goal is to deliver a professional video production, at an affordable rate.

The cost of corporate video production in Brisbane has significantly dropped over the past several years. Previously only accessible to large corporations with big marketing budgets, we want to make high-quality video accessible to all businesses.

How much does a video production cost?

Asking how much a video production costs is like the age-old adage of “how long is a piece of string?”. There are just so many variables involved in the planning, filming and production of corporate videos. Therefore, It’s hard to provide a “one size fits all” set of standard video production costs.

However, what we can provide is some indicative pricing based on the requisite number of hours for filming and editing. This is really the starting point for a video production quote. Other factors like advanced graphics, professional voiceovers, animation, multiple camera operators, sound engineers, extra equipment, travel fees etc can all add to the final cost of video production.

You can estimate your own video costs using our calculator below. If you’d like to formalise your quote, simply click the submit button at the bottom of the Quick Quote to send these details to use and confirm your quote.

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What's included as Standard in our Video Production Pricing?

Standard inclusions in all of our videos are as follows:

  • Filming and Delivery of finished video in 4K
  • Colour Correcting
  • Basic Text Overlays
  • Licensed Background Music
  • Delivery by Electronic Download Link
  • Travel within the Greater Brisbane Area

Prepaid Video Production Packages

For those looking to produce regular videos and are looking to save money, we are able to offer prepaid production hours. These packaged production hours are at a discount from our normal hourly rate. Please contact us today to request pricing.