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3 Ways to Improve Your Email Video Marketing

If you use video in your business’s email marketing, you’re already spicing up your content in a way that should encourage greater engagement and interest from your readers.

But, why rest on your laurels?

Here are three ways you can improve your email video marketing even further!

Personalise your video thumbnail

Video thumbnails are a great visual asset for your marketing emails. They’ve been shown to increase click-through rates and time spent reading your email.

But, you can make them even better.

For example, some online tools allow you to customise your video thumbnails from email to email.

You can add your reader’s name to the video thumbnail, A/B test different thumbnails, or you could use different video thumbnails for different segments.

By carefully testing each approach, you can work out what speaks most effectively to your audience, and continue using that technique into the future.

A/B test subject lines with & without [VIDEO]

Do your readers know that there’s a video in your latest email?

If they don’t, it may be worth telling them!

Your email’s subject line is instrumental to the success of your email. After all, it’s by reading the subject line that most people decide whether or not they’re going to open your content. But does your email subject line include the word “video”?

Many marketers have found that adding [VIDEO] to your email subject line can increase click-through rates and engagement with your content.

To see if this is the case for your email marketing, try A/B testing subject lines that do and do not include [VIDEO]or some variation, such as simply leading with the word “Video”. If it works for you, keep doing it!

Produce videos for different marketing segments

If you already regularly use video in your email marketing, one way to up the ante is to start segmenting your video content, not just your emails.

Most serious email marketing involves dividing your mailing list into sub-groups or “segments” based on certain shared characteristics between members of your list. You can then send targeted email campaigns and content to your various segments, rather than blasting everyone with the exact same email.

But, have you thought to create unique video content for specific segments of your mailing list, rather than your entire mailing list?

Just as targeted emails can increase click-through rates and conversion, targeted video content in your emails can also increase click-through and conversion rates.

If you’re already deep into email video marketing, this is the next, no-brainer step.

Need help?

If you’d like help taking your email video marketing to the next level, you need to talk to Starlight Media.

We love working with business owners like you to create engaging, compelling video content that speaks to your audience and encourages them to take action.

To learn how we can help you create even more effective videos for email marketing, contact us today for an obligation-free chat.




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